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Stay current and up to date with some of the more creative pin back button projects we work on.

Instagram @SixCentPress #edgarthecat looks on to the icy hill with eyes open wide. A wild…
Instagram @SixCentPress Any room for dessert? A nice spread of 1.5" buttons to choose…
Instagram @SixCentPress A series of canvas art by @krazeebee to brighten up our shop walls!
Instagram @SixCentPress Cheers to our neighbours up the street! @parallel49beer #drinklocal
Instagram @SixCentPress Another doggone rainy Monday, but Goldie still maintains her cool...…
Instagram @SixCentPress Simpler designs for simpler times..
Instagram @SixCentPress Stuck without a design for your perfect button? Our creative dream…
Instagram @SixCentPress More work days like this please! #redepic