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Stay current and up to date with some of the more creative pin back button projects we work on.

Instagram @SixCentPress Help support @jjbeancoffee in their journey to build homes in…
Instagram @SixCentPress Our McDonald's toys from 1988 with matching pinback button! #happymeal
Instagram @SixCentPress Re gram from @msheedo with the custom buttons we made for the second…
Instagram @SixCentPress Slimer seems to hypnotize... #ghostbusters
Instagram @SixCentPress Getting wet & wavy with our vintage Newton Wave Pool button! #surrey
Instagram @SixCentPress Some adoable 1" designs by @leejacqui
Instagram @SixCentPress Clean water for everyone... #dripdrop
Instagram @SixCentPress Today we say bye to our press operator Dror. He may always be late but…
Instagram @SixCentPress Levi typing the company cheques with out vintage typewriter! #majestic612